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Guangzhou Airport Information


Guangzhou flights timetable and book tickets

Guangzhou Tourist information
Several airport bookstores sell city maps (with English versions) and country guidebooks.

Banks in Guangzhou Airport
A branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on the first floor lets visitors convert various foreign currencies into renminbi. Outside this branch are two ATM outlets. Among the major credit cards the bank recognizes are Federal, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Million and JCB.
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Tel: +86-20 8665-3660
Business hours/days: Monday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Travel Tax in Airport
For international flights out of Guangzhou, travelers pay a 90 renminbi tax. Domestic flights exact a 70 renminbi fee if less than 800 kilometers. Or Charge as the same as international. Travel tax is not incorporated in ticket prices and can be paid at a counter by the entrance to the departure terminal on the second floor.

Trolleys and Porters
A 3 renminbi fee is charged for the use of trolleys, and travelers have a choice of pushing their own luggage or hiring a porter. Licensed porters are easily recognizable by the uniforms they wear. To prevent theft, never let other people handle your luggage. Trolley use and porter assistance costs 10 renminbi; tipping is prohibited. For complaints dial +86-20 8612-4518.

Business Center
There is no business center in the airport, though fax and phone services are available at the service window of China Telecom on the first floor. In case you need to recharge your mobile phone battery, the lost and found window offers this service for free.

Restaurants / Coffee Shops

Xiang Long Restaurant and Coffee Shop
2nd Floor, international departure hall
Tel: +86-20 8612-4323
Business hours: 6 a.m. to midnight
Type of food served: Western and Chinese
Price of a cup of coffee: 8 renminbi
Acceptable venue for a short business meeting
Credit cards accepted

Sun Shine Coffee Shop
1st Floor, international departure hall
Tel: +86-20 8612-4937
Business hours: 6 a.m. to midnight
Type of food served: Western and Chinese food
Price of a cup of coffee: 10 renminbi
Price of Royal coffee, plus ham and egg combo: 58 renminbi
Acceptable venue for a short business meeting
Credit cards accepted

Concorde Long Shopping Center, small shops and booths sell over 5,000 categories of products. These include books, food, fruits, cloth, CDs, gift items, and medicines. A mini grocery store is on the second floor of the international departure hall

Car Rental from Airport
Car rental agencies are not represented in the airport. Executives who need to be fetched from the airport by shuttle or sedan can do so by calling the hotel they are staying in or contacting car rental agencies located downtown. To rent a car, executives must present their passports, visa and driver's license. They must also sign a rental contract and insurance policy. Most car rental companies require a deposit.

Moneychangers updated!
You can convert your foreign currency into renminbi - also known as the yuan - at currency exchanges on the first floor in the international departure hall. The 18 foreign currencies that can be changed in Guangzhou are: Australian dollar, Austrian schilling, Italian lira, Japanese yen, Malaysian ringgit, Norwegian kroner, Singapore dollar, Swiss franc, Swedish krona, U.S. dollar, Hong Kong dollar, British pound, Belgian franc, Canadian dollar, German deutschemark, Dutch guilder, French franc, and Macanese pataca.

Try Bank of Canada Currency Converter

Handicapped and Infirm
Special elevators to get from the waiting hall up to the terminals are available for the handicapped. The airport also has wheelchair-friendly lavatories and makes available receptionists who assist sick travelers and help locate luggage. The lost and found booth and the first aid center are on the first floor of the domestic departure hall.

Emergency extension numbers
Fire ext. 22777
Airport +86-20 8659-1700
Airport hospital +86-20 8612-2426

Airlines at Guangzhou Airport

Guangzhou flights timetable and book tickets

Air China
China Eastern Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Thai Air
Canada Airlines
America West Airlines
South West Airlines
U.S. Airlines
Cathay Pacific Airlines
Japan Air System
China Southern Airlines
Continental Airlines
British Airways
Singapore Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Delta Airlines
United Airlines
Trans World Airlines
Japan Airlines

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