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News - A Tied Black Man Plunged To The Ground From 6th Floor In A Hotel


A Tied Black Man Plunged To The Ground From 6th Floor In A Hotel

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Around 3:30pm,  Nov 24th , a weird criminal case happened at the 7th building, Yaotai Kong street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City. A black young man with hands and feet tied was plunging to the ground from 6th floor in a hotel, whose blood stained on the ground after broke the awning in the 2nd floor. The injured was sent to the hospital and investigators of Guangzhou City and Yuexiu District were emergently to the scene to explore. It's learned that the injured was out of danger.


The spot is located in the 7th building at Yaotai Street. Reporter saw that the 12th stall was a Shandong's logistics company, where there was a large share of blood on the entrance. The awning right above has been broken open a big hole. According to witnesses, the injured was fall from the building around 3:30pm, who was directly fall from the room on the 6th floor and lunging to the ground after breaking open the awning. The witnesses said that the sturdy young man who is 1.8 meters tall could sit up by himself after the fall, and he stumbled a few steps after sitting on the ground for few seconds, then sat down again.


At that time, the people around saw the young man's hands firmly tied with a yellow adhesive tape, so as his legs.


According to the witnesses, the injured was probably being robbed or durance and attempt to get rid of danger by leaping out of windows.

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