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Fiera di Canton


Fiera d'importazione ed Esportazione della Cina



Fiera di Canton Liuhua Complex

‚Ö° Fase: dal 25 al 30 aprile 2018

‚φ Gifts
· Paper Products and Packing Products
· Paintings, Pictures and Frames
· Advertising Gifts and Presents
· Crafts
·Jewellery, Bone Carvings & Jade Carvings
‚Ď° Decorations
· Home Decorations
· Festival and Party Decorations
‚ĎĘ Toys
· Baby Toys
· Electromotive, Remote Controlling and Clockwork Toys
· Games-action
· Educational Games and Toys
· Plush and Cloth Toys
· Dolls
· Riding Vehicles
· Musical Toys
· Inflatable Toys
·Other Toys and Toy Accessories
‚Ď£ Wickerwork Articles
·Reed Curtain and Reed Products
·Rush Products
·Straw Products
·Rattan Products
·Willow Products
·Bamboo Weaving Products
·Other Natural Plant Wickerwork Articles
·Wooden and Bamboo Arts, Wooden and Bamboo Products for Daily Use
‚ϧ Horticultural Products
· Flowers and Seedlings, Dried Flowers, Artificial Flowers and Bonsais
· Horticultural Tools and Outdoor Equipment
· Horticultural Items
·Pet Fishes and Pet Birds
‚Ď• Sporting Goods, Tour Equipment & Casual Goods
·Sporting Goods
·Casual Goods
·Musical Instruments
·Chesses and Pokers
·Sporting Souvenirs
·Outdoor Tour Articles
‚϶ Office Supplies
·Pens and Writing Instruments
·File Storage Products
·Office Items
·Paper Products
·Desk Decorations
‚Ďß Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments
·Clock and Watch Spare Parts

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Fiera di Canton
>Generalità della Fiera
>124a Fiera di Canton
  - Area per prodotti importati
  - Prodotti industriali
  - Tessili & Abbigliamento, Medicine & Prodotti per la salute
  - Prodotti consumo
  - Regali
>Richiesta d' invito
>Disbrigo di visto
>Registrazione degli acquirenti
  - Istruzioni di registrazione
  - Posto di registrazione
>Partecipante all'esposizione
>Collocazione di aree esposizione

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